Guiding Love

guidingloveweb Guiding children can be joyful and stressful. We often wonder how to calmly respond in moments of challenge, and how to create space for self-care. Join us as we support one another and discover simple tools to bring peace to ourselves, our homes, our schools, and our children. This workshop is designed for anyone guiding babies, children, or teens. Grandparents and teachers are welcome.

Calm Kids Workshop


A unique workshop for children ages 7-12 and a caregiver. Kids and adults can benefit from mindfulness, the simple practice of bringing a gentle, accepting attitude to the present moment. Through awareness we can notice our capacity for calm and create peace in our lives. We can see that stillness is something most children and many adults unknowingly need. The experience will include a brief developmentally appropriate discussion about the brain and behavior, simple mindful exercises, and a guided relaxation in the comfort of a safe space. The practical practices learned can be used in all spaces of life. 

Off-The-Mat Workshop


Have you wondered about the origins and philosophy of yoga? In this workshop we will discuss facts and discover findings. The guidelines as described in the 8 Limbs of Yoga will be taught along with ways to take the practice off-the-mat and incorporate it into any belief system. Join us in an intention to create space for understanding.

Loving Me Workshop


An experience and expression of self-care to guide you in greeting each day with strength and softness. Uncover the capacity to care for yourself with the love that is infinitely available in each moment through: sitting in stillness, shifting your story, setting intentions, seeing your strength. Please bring a journal for guided writing, comfortable clothing for sitting, and an open heart for receiving

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Flow to Slow Yoga

This one-hour class offers a balance of movement and relaxation opening with a creatively sequenced flow of basic to optional challenging poses that drift into restorative postures. Appropriate for all-levels, this class focuses on breath, awareness, movement, and stillness intended to connect to the calm center where clarity, peace, and love flow. 

Peaceful Yoga

This one-hour class offers deep breathing, gentle stretching, guided imagery, and meditation to cultivate a sense of peace and calm. Open to all levels and suitable for beginners.

Child + Me Yoga

A playful experience for young children and adults to journey through a story in yoga poses, with song, movement, and imagination. This 30-minute class is created for children ages 2 years to 6 years old and encourages connection through partner poses.

Prenatal Yoga Series

This 60-minute class offers a moment for mother and baby to deeply connect in a calm body and peaceful place. Students will be guided through safe yoga postures specific to the journey of pregnancy. Relaxation techniques and breathing exercises are practiced to prepare the mind and body for labor and parenting. This class is beneficial for every stage of pregnancy and modifications are offered to meet individual needs. A brief talk about a pregnancy/parenting topic is shared for learning and discussing in a safe and supportive space. ($48 for all four classes / classes may be made-up)

Youth Yoga Series

Youth Yoga offers people ages 11 and older a fun and non-competitive safe space to build physical and emotional strength, make new friends, and create the groundwork to live a healthy lifestyle. Through appropriate yoga postures, breathing exercises, and calm relaxation, paths to peace can be experienced and strengthened.